SBP’s mission is to shrink time between disaster and recovery.

SBP is a national nonprofit organization committed to helping residents and communities recover from disaster promptly and efficiently.

We are sharing our FREE guides and checklists to help disaster survivors navigate the complex recovery process, avoid costly mistakes and make smart decisions that will lead to a faster recovery.

Do not overpay for mold remediation or fall victim to contractor fraud. Our resources are totally free and available to you right now.

The better you understand the recovery process from the start, the faster you’ll be able to rebuild.

Navigating FEMA and the SBA Process

Basic Insurance Guide

Contractor Fraud Checklist

Mold Remediation Guide

Home Damage and Elevation and Code Compliance

Avoiding Contractor Fraud

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Major Partners

Has helped SBP to reduce construction time by 48%, and continues to support SBP's AmeriCorps program.

Helping home and business owners become more resilient in the face of disaster through our Disaster Resilience and Recovery Lab.

Reduced our delivery time and continues to improve our purchasing proficiency, tool tracking and warehouse management.

Helped create the Disaster Recovery Playbook and is actively supporting ongoing SBP operations across the country.

Provides culture training and critical financial and in-kind support in all disaster-impacted communities where SBP works.

Supports the growth of our Disaster Resilience Training and provides critical financial support for recovery efforts.

Enhances our model with 180 members nationally, each year, who manage worksites and clients, and train volunteers.