SBP's mission is to shrink time between disaster and recovery. In order to achieve this, it is vital that home and business owners understand and take steps to reduce their risk prior to disaster. Through our Disaster Resilience and Recovery Lab (DRRL), funded by a grant from Zurich Insurance, SBP provides FREE resilience and risk mitigation training in ten vulnerable communities each year for home and business owners. 

By taking preemptive measures to physically reinforce structures, getting the right insurance and storing important documents properly, residents will be prepared and more resilient in the face of a disaster, and the needs of an impacted community will be greatly reduced should one occur.

  1. Our free homeowner resilience training typically lasts an hour and helps residents take key preparedness measures: identifying risks, creating a family emergency plan, protecting important documents, acquiring proper insurance coverage and physically protecting their homes.
  2. DRRL Business training builds on these topics by including the development of a business continuity program for small-mid sized companies. We also work with larger employers to help them protect their best asset - their employees - by providing homeowner training so they can return to work sooner and with a clear mind, following a disaster. 

Training is currently underway in New Orleans, LA; Tuscaloosa, AL; Harrison County, MS and Corpus Christi, TX.

Past trainings held in: Joplin, MO; San Antonio, TX

To inquire about homeowner or business resilience training email us at: