Hurricane Harvey Update - Week of September 18th, 2017

While the totality of the damage and suffering is not yet clear, there is no doubt that there are hundreds of thousands of Texas residents who will need help to find a prompt, predictable and efficient path home. SBP exists to shrink the time between disaster and recovery. Just like SBP has done in eight other disaster impacted communities, we stay to rebuild long after the national attention fades. 

Vital Homeowner Information

In the immediate aftermath of any disaster, information plays a key role in curbing unnecessary human suffering. SBP has free, downloadable guides to help impacted residents avoid the common pitfalls of recovery that can set their recovery back drastically. The page 

Please share SBP’s Recovery Resource Page ( with anyone in your network who may be impacted by Hurricane Harvey. This page offers easy-to-understand guides and checklists to help residents take control of their recovery, including:

If you are a homeowner in the Houston area and need assistance with mucking & gutting your home, please call 844-965-1386 to register with Crisis Cleanup. PLEASE protect yourself against harmful mold and contaminants if you are doing this yourself, and refer to our linked homeowner resources for instructions on how to do so safely and effectively. Additional resources for residents can be found at

SBP Has Deployed to Texas

SBP currently has two teams as well as executive staff on the ground in Texas to provide initial relief, support, and advisory services. 

  • Houston: A small contingent of the SBP team has been managing the Volunteer Registration Center (VRC) at the George R. Brown Convention Center helping to register spontaneous volunteers and assign them to organizations providing relief in and around Houston. Another element of SBP's Houston team is working to identify and assist flood-impacted individuals and families with their unmet needs. This includes mucking and gutting homes and providing mold remediation services for low-income homeowners, training local organizations in order to increase their capacity and efficiency, and distributing our homeowner recovery resources in impacted neighborhoods to help speed the recovery process by ensuring homeowners avoid costly mistakes that can lead to devastating setbacks.
  • Aransas Pass: This team has been providing debris removal and surveying services in the Aransas Pass area near where Harvey made landfall. 
  • Executive Team: SBP's CEO, National Director of Recovery and Director of Corporate Partnerships are working in Houston to provide advisory services to leadership at the local and state level.

We will update this section, when more information becomes available. Please stay tuned for volunteer opportunities with SBP.  

How SBP will Support Texas Recovery

In advance of Harvey's landfall, SBP committed to helping impacted communities recover in a prompt, efficient and predictable way by providing the following services:

  • Immediate Relief - SBP's executive team and AmeriCorps members will deploy to Texas to support volunteer coordination, mucking and gutting.

  • Training -  Recovery specialists will train NGOs and businesses on crucial recovery topics, like navigating FEMA and insurance, and proper deconstruction and mold remediation techniques. 

  • Advising - SBP works with government and municipal leaders to design recovery plans so that they are tied to clear outcomes and efficient use of funds.

  • Collaboration - SBP will collaborate with NGO partners to maximize collective impact and reduce redundancy. We have had great success in capacity building with partners and supporting partner scale-up to deliver increased recovery services.

  • Damage assessment support - SBP can provide digital, app based tools to conduct door-to-door damage assessment surveys, which collect valuable information on community need.

  • Rebuilding - SBP will set up at least one rebuilding office and likely more. As we have done in eight other disaster-impacted communities, SBP stays to rebuild for years to help residents recover.

How You Can Help SBP

  • Donate or Start a Fundraiser - Donations to SBP will go directly toward immediate relief and long-term recovery for families whose homes have been impacted by Hurricane Harvey. Your donation today will have a lasting impact. From the first gutted house to the last rebuilt home, SBP will steward your investment to drive real and enduring human impact.
  • Spread the Word - Share the message of SBP's commitment to long-term recovery with your network by reposting social media messages and links to our resources and fundraising page. Look for @SBPUSA on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  • Volunteer - In the coming months and years, there will be a tremendous need for volunteers to help rebuild homes. Stay tuned for more information on volunteer opportunities. 

SBP's Hurricane Harvey Fund: