Helping San Marcos

The Problem

Central Texas was hard hit by severe flooding over Memorial Day weekend of 2015. Soon after, SBP deployed a team to San Marcos - a hard hit community - to help impacted families rebuild. 

Over the summer and early autumn, SBP made significant progress in the community, helping to return several families home. Unfortunately, over Halloween weekend that same year, a second flood event impacted San Marcos again. Homes that had been flooded in the spring and were under various stages of rebuilding or had already been rebuilt were once again filled with water. While the flood water was not as deep as it was the first time, the Halloween flood was more widespread, affecting more homes and neighborhoods in, and around San Marcos.

If you are looking for information on SBP's Hurricane Harvey response and recovery work in Texas, click here

The Solution  

Following the Memorial Day flood, SBP partnered with the United Way of Hayes County to identify and help families in need, rebuild.  

Note: As of February 10th, 2017 we are no longer accepting or processing applications from homeowners both outside or within the San Marcos city limits. Our open application period for those seeking assistance is now closed. Please contact our office with any questions.