Helping South Louisiana

The Problem

In the summer of 2016, South Louisiana was devastated by unprecedented flooding. Across the region more than 70,000 homes have been damaged or destroyed.

The Solution

SBP has opened an operational office in Baton Rouge to serve the region. Through this office, SBP serves impacted homeowners and trains other regional rebuilding organizations to use its proven effective and replicable model, thereby increasing the efficacy of Louisiana’s flood recovery. 

Through its operation in South Louisiana, SBP is providing rebuilding services and is also providing technical support, capacity building and best practices to several recovery organizations operating in the region. SBP is working closely with the Baton Rouge Area Foundation and is providing advisory services to local and state government officials.

Homeowners in need of assistance can contact our Baton Rouge office at: (225) 478-1499.

Eligible homeowners may also apply for a special reimbursement rebuilding program through SBP. Check eligibility requirements and apply here.

Vital resources for impacted homeowners can be found on our Homeowner Resource Page.