Helping White Sulphur Springs

The Problem

On June 23rd, 2016 heavy rainfall caused unprecedented flash flooding, costing the lives of 23 West Virginia citizens and the loss of more than 1,200 homes spanning multiple counties.

The Solution

SBP has partnered with concerned citizens, businesses and community leaders in West Virginia to launch Homes for West Virginia.  Homes for West Virginia will partner with local, regional and national businesses, organizations and volunteers to provide funding and best practices in support of local organizations who are rebuilding the homes and restoring the lives of those devastated by the state’s 2016 floods.

SBP is serving in a consulting/advisory capacity for local and national organizations involved in the rebuilding effort and is supporting their efforts with funds raised through SBP’s Homes for West Virginia fund. 

Homes for West Virginia’s first partnership is with Homes for White Sulphur Springs, a local community organization which will build 42 new homes and a community park, for residents whose previous homes cannot be rebuilt. This partnership will serve as a model for what is possible in other communities around the state. 

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