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SBP Leader Practitioner Course: CDBG-DR Signing Event

04/7/2021 10:00 AM - 04/7/2021 11:00 AM

The citizen must have crystal clear understanding of what is happening to their home, what their responsibilities will be in repairing their home, government restrictions placed upon them (Subrogation agreement and specified time-limited lien on the property), the coordination measures the state/jurisdiction will take to ensure the home is brought to a satisfactory standard, and the citizen must sign legal documents such as the right of entry, subrogation, lien and their requirements to remain in the program.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understanding that prior to signing the citizen must have been declared eligible, an environmental assessment of the property, and an initial scope of work are complete
  • Providing numerous methods of communicating with the citizen to ensure understanding of the product the state is providing
  • Explaining (in detail) what the citizen responsibilities are prior to signing event and an anticipated timeline of events
  • Explaining the construction standard the state/Jurisdiction will build and enforce on the home
  • Explaining the Scope of Work to be conducted on the home and the state/jurisdiction options when unforeseen problems occur and the citizen options at the same point
  • Ensuring the citizen leaves the signing with a clear expectation of what will and what will not be done on their property, their roles and responsibilities, as well as that of the state/jurisdiction
  • Understand special circumstances that will stop the process such as unpaid taxes or community bills which will preclude the obtaining of a permit or a building restriction

The Signing Event is a critical step in any CDBG-DR Housing Program process flow. It is all about managing expectations. There must be a clear understanding between the Grantee and the Citizen of what services the Program is going to provide to the Citizens and what the Program will do to their home. This includes the coordination measures the state/jurisdiction will take to ensure the home is brought to a satisfactory standard and what government actions will be involved including the Subrogation Agreement, liens on the property, and the right of entry. There must also be a clear understanding of what the Citizens' responsibilities will be in repairing their home and what they have to do to remain in the Program.