SBP Fundraising Toolkit

SBP relies on the passion, service, and commitment of all our team members and volunteers to bring families affected by Hurricane Maria back to safe and dignified homes. The recovery starts with us!

An important way you can have a continued impact in the recovery of families is by taking an active part in fundraising for the rebuilding projects of those still on our waitlist.

Rebuilding a home is a collaborative effort, and we can't serve all families in need without your help!

Here are some resources to help you get started:

Start a Fundraiser

Set a goal and utilize your pictures and stories from your volunteer experience in Puerto Rico to engage others to support you.

1) Choose your method: your own fundraiser, an existing team, or start a new team!

2) Fill out your information.

3) Start making a difference!

Donate Now!

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Sample Email

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