Become an SBP Ambassador

The SBP Ambassador program is designed to help you share your vision of service with others while helping SBP shrink the time between disaster and recovery. As an ambassador, you will be directly involved in paving the way home for disaster-impacted families and have the opportunity to multiply your impact by sharing what you've learned with others. Upon program completion, you will earn an official SBP Ambassador Certification. Your name will be published on our website, social media, and annual report.

Ambassadors commit to completing 3 impact projects:

1. GIVE time and/or resources:

SBP relies on volunteers like you to rebuild homes efficiently. Together, by donating your time and/or resources, we can shrink the time between disaster and recovery. 

2. GET others involved in SBP:

After learning about SBP's impact and your volunteer experience, others will want to get involved too. People will believe in SBP's mission because they believe in YOU!

  • Set a goal to raise $250 or more during your 6 month commitment. Fundraise online, hold an event, or ask us about more ways to get others involved.

3. SHARE SBP with the world:

Social media is a fast and easy way to spread the word about SBP's mission and impact. Your posts will inspire others to get involved too! 

  • Follow @SBPUSA on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter
  • Using any social platform, post (reposts count!) a message about SBP at least 1x/ month during your 6 month commitment. Be sure to tag SBP in your posts!
  • Ask us about more ways to spread the word about SBP. 

After completing SBP's GIVE/GET/SHARE impact projects, tell us how you've earned your SBP Ambassador Certification by sending your SBP story to Be sure to include screen shots of social media postings, photos of events, donation receipts, etc. 

Become an Ambassador Today!