Hurricane Florence Response

SBP is a national disaster resilience and recovery nonprofit whose mission is to shrink the time between disaster and recovery. Founded after Hurricane Katrina, SBP’s team understands that, after disaster, citizens are at risk of reaching their breaking point if there is no predictable path to recovery. Each of SBP’s interventions are designed to fortify people against reaching their breaking point by providing a prompt, efficient and predictable path forward.

SBP has deployed two teams (AmeriCorps and staff) to support immediate needs in North and South Carolina. They will conduct mucking, gutting and mold remediation in communities that need it most, and then will quickly move to rebuilding work when the time is right. To date, SBP has rebuilt 1,547 homes nationally after disaster.

We understand that, after disaster, citizens are at risk of reaching their breaking point if there is no predictable path to recovery. SBP's plan outlined below is designed to fortify people against reaching their breaking point as it is focused on providing a prompt, efficient and predictable recovery.

SBP’s initial response:

Deploy immediately: two teams have deployed to NC and SC to do mucking, gutting and mold remediation work where needed

Provide on-the-ground post-disaster trainings designed to give residents a clear path forward (After Hurricane Harvey last year, we trained more than 1,500 people and SBP’s recovery guides were downloaded 125,000 times.)

Rebuild homes for families until recovery is complete (SBP has rebuilt 1,547 homes nationally)

Collaborate with other rebuilding groups to ensure that more families are served across the region

Advise government leaders and other decision-makers on recovery best practices.

More details and helpful links below.


1.     Rebuild: If needed, SBP's team is ready to deploy to support on-the-ground recovery needs providing services like gutting and mold remediation, and then quickly moving into rebuilding work for vulnerable families. SBP is already active in long-term rebuilding work across South Carolina, so our team's existing presence in the region will allow for prompt response wherever Florence's path goes. SBP's rebuilding work is strengthened by volunteers who support our work year-round.

Quick links:

  • Homeowners needing assistance, click here

  • Learn more about volunteering, click here

  • Donate to support

    • Immediate response (supplies needed for mucking, gutting and mold remediation)

    • Long-term recovery (SBP’s average rebuild costs $25,000….every little bit helps)

    • SBP’s AmeriCorps program - there is no successful disaster recovery without the service of AmeriCorps

2.     Share:   We believe that collaboration is crucial to effective long-term recovery. It is essential that all rebuilding organizations are supported by having the capacity and processes needed to be successful. SBP will raise funds to support not just our own rebuilding work, but will also identify and fund other nonprofits committed to rebuilding. SBP will serve as a trainer, capacity builder and funder for partner organizations so that more families can be served quickly and with the efficiencies of SBP’s proven-effective model for rebuilding, volunteer coordination and disaster case management.

Quick links:

3.     Educate:  For residents impacted by the storm, SBP provides free, downloadable recovery guides, videos and in-person trainings to help people clearly understand their path to recovery. These resources provide actionable and practical steps about many storm-related topics like navigating FEMA, insurance claims, mold remediation and contractor fraud. This is a virtual one-stop shop for all recovery-related questions, and is an important resource to helping homeowners avoid the common pitfalls of recovery.

Quick links:

  • View, download and share SBP’s post-disaster recovery guides here

  • For organizations or companies interested in in-person recovery training, contact us

  • Share SBP’s “Avoiding Contractor Fraud” PSA on social media:

4.     Advise:  SBP's broader impact is made through advising government leaders and philanthropic decision makers. SBP’s leadership will share valuable lessons learned like how to navigate federal recovery procedures and will provide strategic direction to ensure that recovery decisions are made in a manner that prioritizes families moving home quickly.