Get Equipped

Be prepared ahead of natural disasters and recover more quickly.

Extreme weather events are increasing across the globe, putting more and more homes and families at risk.

Understanding your risk and protecting your home and finances is more important than ever before.

SBP collaborated with AT&T to develop Equip, a preparedness and recovery mobile app designed to help users reduce risk and build resilience before disaster and avoid common recovery obstacles.

  • Preparedness: Tools, resources and customizable checklists help users reduce their disaster risk and build resilience.
  • Recovery: Easy-to-access tools and information help users access eligible funding and avoid common recovery obstacles such as contractor fraud.
Equip app on the App Store

Equip app on Google Play
Equip App Mission Statement

Main Features:

  • Available in English and Spanish
  • Easy to navigate
  • Multiple ways to sign in
  • Resources are accessible without an account
  • With user-provided information, app will send push notifications to alert users of impending storms, content updates, checklists that need to be completed, etc.
  • Access to preparedness and recovery tips/tools including interactive learning content, videos and checklists
  • Recovery Features: Push Notification with disaster alerts
  • Post-disaster Check-Ins
  • Application for home rebuilding services
  • Ability to add “dependents” to your household to link important information.
  • Ability to collaborate with other users to create preparedness or recovery plan
  • Badges will gamify the experience. Users can earn badges as they work through the preparedness and recovery resources.

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