Krewe (n): A Krewe, commonly associated with carnival season in New Orleans, is a group of people that work together to sponsor a float or a Mardi Gras parade.

SBP’s Krewe is a group of monthly donors that work together to ensure SBP can respond immediately following a disaster and stay until every family is home.

Monthly donations help SBP plan for the future as disasters are becoming more common. By investing in SBP’s monthly giving program you support rebuilding efforts in 10 communities where disaster has struck and support families with the greatest need begin their journey home.

Monthly donors play a vital role in our long-term recovery work by helping families struggling to recover get back home in a more predictable way. Your steady stream of support also positions SBP to get boots on the ground immediately following a disaster and deploy resources and AmeriCorps Members to help a family in need.

Join SBP’s Krewe today to show that you are personally invested in helping families immediately following a disaster and staying until every family is home. As such, you will receive special:

  • Monthly Updates

  • Invitation to attend the annual SBP Impact Call

  • Appreciation treats from SBP

  • Stories and reflections from homeowners and volunteers

Every gift drives impact, but you are able to create larger and more specific impact at different monthly gift levels:

Branded Infographic

Help provide a predictable path home for a family impacted by disaster by becoming a monthly donor today!