Do I need to speak Spanish/ is there a language requirement?
Nope! All of our staff and AmeriCorps members are bilingual and can help you with anything you need.

Do I need a passport?
Nope! United States citizens don’t need a passport to enter the island.

What's the currency in Puerto Rico?
The United States dollar is the official currency.

Is Puerto Rico safe to visit?
Though theft and robbery can happen, Puerto Rico is likely no more dangerous than your hometown. Simple precautionary measures can prevent crime, such as not leaving purses, bags or valuables visible in cars.

How much does it cost to stay in Puerto Rico?
Food prices can vary from $6 for cheaper options to $30+ for higher-end meals in restaurants. Room rentals can range from $40 for cheaper options to $200+ for higher-end accommodations. Ask us for suggestions!

Do I need transportation?
Yes, we require that all volunteers have their own transportation typically in the form of their own car or a rental car for those coming from outside the island. Ubers and taxis can be unreliable in many areas on the island so these should not be depended on.

How do I apply to volunteer?
Complete our online volunteer form.

Do I need vaccinations? If so, which ones?
No additional vaccinations are required, though the CDC recommends getting a typhoid vaccine if you are visiting smaller cities or rural areas, or if you are an adventurous eater.

Where can I find additional resources about Puerto Rico?
More detailed information about travel can be found at Discover Puerto Rico, or you can email us directly at