Smart Decisions for an Effective Recovery

When disasters occur, SBP advises policy makers on how to shrink time between disaster and recovery by helping local and state level leadership first understand the complexities of the disaster recovery landscape and the decisions that will be required of them in the months ahead. The sooner homeowners move back in to their rebuilt homes, the less suffering they will experience. Furthermore, the detrimental economic and societal effects associated with a prolonged recovery will be lessened across the community at large.

It is imperative that smart, informed decisions be made from the start, as this has a significant effect on the tail end of the recovery. SBP shares our insight with policy makers, helping them to understand the critical decisions and policies that have helped or hindered recoveries in other states and communities. 

Next, we work with leadership to determine an appropriate course of action in order to secure Federal recovery funding from HUD as quickly and efficiently as possible. It is essential for state and local governments to get Federal funds into their communities quickly, but at best, it takes 12 - 14 months for municipalities to receive those Federal funds. SBP is committed to changing this by working with state and local governments to help governments access and deploy Federal resources as quickly and effectively as possible. 

Last, we advise these leaders on how best to deploy funds and structure a homeowner rebuilding program that is firmly tied to measurable, benchmarked results, in order to help impacted families avoid the unnecessary suffering brought on by a prolonged recovery. 

SBP is committed to sharing our best practices on how to effectively serve the most vulnerable of those impacted during the interim period between the disaster and receipt of HUD funding. To do so, SBP partners with local service providers including community foundations and the local/regional affiliates of The United Way, Habitat for Humanity and others, in order to bolster their rebuilding capacity and efficiency, thereby jumpstarting the recovery. 

SBP's advocacy and policy recommendations stem from our desire to streamline this process and shrink time between disaster and recovery.  

Recovery Program Guidance

For state and local leaders - Governors, members of Congress, mayors, council members and other administrators - responding to, and recovering from a disaster for the first time, the learning curve can be steep. 

These leaders must respond to their community’s immediate needs while simultaneously learning how best to access Federal funds from HUD and design a long-term, large scale recovery program which might include contracting a firm to handle millions of dollars in aid for rebuilding.

We work with municipal leaders to help guide them through this fast paced and stressful time, sharing lessons learned and best practices from past SBP collaborations with policy makers in other communities. We understand that the needs of, and resources available often vary from state- to- state and community- to- community. To that end, SBP listens to the concerns of officials and helps design a recovery program that is tailored specifically to each community in which we work. 

If you have questions, or would like to discuss how SBP might be able to advise disaster recovery in your state or community, please contact us. We are here to help.