Help for Service Providers

A core part of SBP’s culture is the philosophy that if it works well, you must share it. In the corporate world, companies consider their formulas, patents and models to be proprietary. In our people-serving world, we believe that SBP has an obligation to share effective solutions so that greater numbers of people can benefit, thereby shrinking time between disaster and recovery. In disaster recovery, what works can save lives and alleviate suffering. When the goal is to get families back home, it should not matter which organization's "line" an impacted homeowner gets in, as long as the rebuilding services they receive are efficient and effective. 

To that end, SBP works closely with local and national organizations to share our best practices, training partners to utilize SBP’s innovative, proven-effective rebuilding model. This raises the collective capacity to serve disaster-impacted communities quickly, efficiently and at high quality standards so that a greater number of residents have a shorter recovery time.

In South Carolina and the Baton Rouge area, SBP has partnered with The United Way and the Baton Rouge Area Foundation, and is currently training and working alongside organizations including the local Habitat for Humanity affiliates, Rebuilding Together, Home Works and All Hands Volunteers, to ensure that recovery efforts across a wide geographic area are consistent, efficient and effective.

To help local and regional rebuilding organizations adopt SBP's model, we developed a Disaster Recovery Playbook in partnership with Farmers Insurance - a website that provides an A-Z compendium that local and grassroots organizations in disaster impacted areas can use to quickly implement SBP's proven-effective model, thereby shortening and improving residential recovery in those communities. This invaluable resource streamlines the post-disaster recovery process and helps shrink the time between disaster and recovery.

If you represent a service provider or organization in an area where SBP is currently operating, and are interested in working together, please contact the SBP office near you.