National Association of Manufacturers Partnership

SBP and Good360 are excited to work closely with The National Association of Manufacturers to provide members with regular access to resources and training to encourage preparedness before disasters hit and support recovery through donating time, goods or funds after a disaster strikes. Contact with questions or to discuss how you can make an impact today.

About SBP and Good360

SBP is a national nonprofit whose mission is to shrink the time between disaster and recovery by educating individuals, companies, nonprofits and government agencies about disaster preparedness before events occur and helping those affected by disasters to rebuild and recover.

Good360 is the global leader in product philanthropy and purposeful giving. The nonprofit partners with hundreds of socially responsible companies to source highly needed products and distributes them through its diverse network of nonprofits that support people in need, including survivors of disasters.

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Resilience trainings and resources support business continuity plans by training the NAM members’ most valuable asset, their people. In-person trainings, webinars and e-learning modules train employees in the most current ways to mitigate risk before disaster and avoid common barriers that delay recovery after disaster. Click here to connect with Marly at SBP if you're interested in scheduling a training.

Resiliency and Preparedness Resources:


In the event of a natural disaster, SBP and Good360 are committed to helping NAM members recover and return to normal operations as soon as possible, while making the best decisions when giving time, goods or funds. Click here to connect with Marly at SBP if you're in need of immediate assistance for a disaster in your area.

If you're interested in supporting a disaster-impacted community, please email

Good360’s list of common products needed after a disaster.

Recovery Resources:

If your employees or community have been affected by a disaster, our recovery trainings and tools help to guide through informed decisions that lead to a faster recovery: