Helping Rockaway

On October 29th, 2012, Hurricane Sandy devastated the Northeast. Rockaway Beach, NY, was inundated as the storm surge from the Atlantic Ocean met with water from Jamaica Bay over the Rockaway Peninsula, flooding the homes of thousands of hardworking New York City families.


The last rebuilding nonprofit still focused solely on Hurricane Sandy repair work in Queens, South Brooklyn, and the surrounding areas, SBP has so far rebuilt 381 Sandy-damaged homes across the Rockaway Peninsula, the greater Queens area, South Brooklyn, and the south shore of Staten Island.

SBP coordinated an aggressive outreach campaign to contact thousands of homeowners in the zip codes hit hardest by Hurricane Sandy. From this campaign, SBP identified hundreds of homeowners who were unable to make the necessary repairs on their homes. Many of these families were low-to-moderate income, under-or-uninsured, were denied or received inadequate government support, or simply did not understand the pathways that were available to them. Using this information, SBP has continued to identify and serve storm-impacted families in need.

In order to future-proof the homes of the families it serves, SBP has partnered with the Governor’s Office of Storm Recovery on a pilot home elevation program called Project Uplift, with the goal of providing affordable home elevation services and helping to stabilize the high cost of market-rate contractor elevation services.