Helping South Louisiana

In the summer of 2016, South Louisiana was devastated by unprecedented flooding. Across the region, more than 70,000 homes were damaged or destroyed.


SBP has opened an operational office in Baton Rouge to serve the region. Through this office, SBP serves impacted homeowners and trains other regional rebuilding organizations to use its proven effective and replicable model, thereby increasing the efficacy of Louisiana’s flood recovery.

SBP is assisting homeowners who have suffered damage to their home as a result of the historic flooding experienced in south Louisiana in August of 2016. We are currently working with homeowners through several programs. These include:

Restore LA

We are a State of Louisiana licensed residential contractor, approved to do work through the Restore LA program. We work with homeowners who are designated as Solution 2, meaning the homeowner has decided to select their own contractor to repair their home.

Restore LA Homeowners with a Duplication of Benefits (DOB)

We have a solution for homeowners who are faced with a DOB that is preventing them from moving forward with their home rebuild. Our client service representatives can explain the program to you if this is your situation.

Private Insurance

If you have flood insurance funds to repair your home, SBP can provide you with an estimate that will usually be below current construction prices and get you back in your home quickly.

Other Options

Depending on circumstances, SBP has grant funds and funds from other charitable agencies available to help homeowners rebuild. Please contact our office to explore the possibilities.

Homeowners in need of assistance can contact our Baton Rouge office at: (225) 478-1499.