If you're looking for help navigating the FEMA appeals process, please email: laurahelp@sbpusa.org


The eye of Hurricane Delta made landfall on October 9 as a Category 2 hurricane at Creole, Louisiana located in Cameron Parish, one of the areas hardest hit by Hurricane Laura. Delta had wind speeds of 90 mph causing additional damage and creating a setback in recovery for this twice hit region. Hurricane Delta was the 10th named storm to hit the US this season, breaking the 1916 record of 9, with 4 of those storms hitting south Louisiana.

Hurricane Laura roared across the Louisiana coastline just six weeks ago as a Category 4 hurricane with wind speeds of 150 mph. Laura retained hurricane strength as it traveled across Louisiana causing widespread damage. An estimated 46,000 homes were damaged or destroyed in this storm.

For those who received damage from both storms, it is important to keep your receipts for Laura repairs and to register for FEMA assistance. More information, provided by Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards, can be found here.


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Immediate response is always fluid and will be magnified by the additional damage caused by Hurricane Delta. Following Hurricane Laura, we identified Vinton, Louisiana, as a community in great need and began focusing our work there. Vinton is located in Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana about 20 minutes from Lake Charles.

  • Identified 150 homeowners in Vinton who need support
  • Conducting damage assessments and developing project plans to serve clients
  • Mucking and gutting and mold remediation are needed as soon as possible
  • Deploying additional team members to serve clients more quickly
  • Hosting volunteers on a consistent basis
  • Continuing to host free webinars, open to the public, with information to help speed recovery
  • Educating homeowners about how to self-report damage and access FEMA assistance remains a priority
  • Rebuilding homes for Laura-impacted families:
    • Promptly - utilize our client services model to vet and approve applicants for rebuilding services while maintaining referral streams from government and non-profit partners
    • Efficiently - partner with a general contractor with whom we have a long-standing relationship and can quickly scale to rebuild for more families at one time than we could alone and we will do so to FORTIFIED standards
    • Cost-Effectively - leverage cost savings to stretch recovery funds as far as possible

This year’s Atlantic Hurricane Season is shaping up to be one of the worst in more than 150 years, and COVID-19 is requiring a different type of response.

  • We are actively and consistently hosting volunteers to support Hurricane Laura recovery, but to ensure the safety of our volunteers, team members and clients, we have had to limit our volunteer numbers. As such, we may lean more heavily on the use of sub-contractors in order to speed recovery.
  • FEMA damage assessments are being conducted by phone and we are already seeing lower than normal awards for disaster-impacted individuals. SBP is providing training to navigate the disaster assistance process including specific guidance about how to navigate damage assessment by phone.
  • Philanthropic support is stretched not only by the number of disasters across the country but also by COVID-19 impacting every community. It is crucial that every dollar raised be leveraged to raise more funding and other resources for the impacted communities. SBP’s team is helping families access more funding from FEMA, and helping government leaders build programs to ensure their communities access crucial resources and funding for long-term recovery.
  • Upstream solutions matter more now than ever before! SBP’s work to educate people about preparedness, increase awareness of flood risk, rebuild resiliently, advise local and state decision-makers on the fastest, smartest way to design and implement federally-funded disaster programs, and advocate for policy change at the federal level is driving change before disasters strike.
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Twenty-one parishes, impacted by Hurricane Laura and five parishes impacted by Hurricane Delta, have been approved to receive Individual Assistance from FEMA. What is Individual Assistance?

  • Immediate funding to cover unmet need for eligible homeowners and renters impacted by a disaster (takes insurance coverage into the calculation for unmet need)
  • Funding may address minor/emergency repairs, temporary housing, contents replacement, funeral costs, and much more.
  • Maximum award is $35,500

If you or someone you know has been impacted by Hurricane Laura and/or Hurricane Delta, even if you don’t think you qualify, apply for disaster assistance. You can access SBP’s free guide to navigating the FEMA process and remote damage inspection.

To apply for assistance, you will need to re-register with FEMA for Hurricane Delta even if you have already applied for help for Hurricane Laura. The damage caused by both hurricanes will be treated separately by FEMA even on the same property.

Assistance provided by FEMA for homeowners and renters can include grants for needed rentals and repairs to make their primary homes habitable. It can also help other serious disaster-related needs like replacing essential household items, and medical and dental expenses.

Before you apply for assistance, below are the steps you need to take to start your recovery process:

  1. Take photos of your damaged home and belongings
  2. Make a list of damaged/lost items
  3. If you have insurance, you must file a claim with your insurance company before applying to FEMA. It will save you time in the long run. a. If you do not have insurance, skip to step 4
  4. Now that you're ready to apply now for disaster assistance or you would like more information on the types of assistance available, please utilize one of the following methods to apply for individual assistance: - Call FEMA toll-free at 1-800-621-FEMA (1-800-621-3362) - Visit DisasterAssistance.gov- Use the FEMA smartphone app

FEMA provides regular updates by disaster. For more information, please click the link for Hurricane Laura and Hurricane Delta updates.

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In the initial weeks following Hurricane Laura, SBP was able to drive the following impact.

  • Delivered 65 pallets of PPE, personal hygiene products and essentials.
  • Educated more than 186,000 homeowners through webinars and online resources that include immediate actions to take to speed recovery including how to navigate disaster assistance during COVID-19, avoid contractor fraud and remediate mold.
  • Connected with more than 212 NGOs and faith-based organizations to identify individuals and communities in need.
  • Provided more than 60 government leaders, across 16 parishes approved to receive FEMA Individual Assistance, with valuable information gained from lessons learned from recoveries in 13 disaster-impacted communities.
  • Registered 263 volunteers and hosted first volunteer group.
  • Reduced further costly damage to homes by removing trees and tarping roofs.
  • Removed debris from properties owned by elderly or disabled residents.
  • Partnered with local restaurant groups in New Orleans to help deliver food to distribution centers in Sulphur and Lake Charles.


We are grateful for the following supporters who are helping rebuild the homes and lives of Hurricane Laura-impacted families:

  • Amazon
  • AT&T
  • Dow
  • Elon Musk & the Musk Foundation
  • Schultz Family Foundation
  • UPS
  • Walmart Foundation