Outcomes Matter

SBP’s mission is to reduce the time between disaster and recovery. To achieve this, SBP works closely with community leaders and government officials at the federal, state, and local levels. Publicly-funded disaster recovery and mitigation programs play a critical role in serving a community’s most vulnerable, disaster- impacted residents and yet these programs routinely fail to deliver timely, predictable assistance to those who need it most.

Prompt and predictable disaster recovery and mitigation programs:

  1. reduce unnecessary suffering in the lives of those who receive it, preventing families from being pushed past their breaking point.
  2. save taxpayer dollars by reducing waste and redundancy in the administration of recovery programs.

Certain, irreversible social and economic damage occurs when disaster recovery is delayed and unpredictable. SBP helps community leaders design, plan, implement, and execute effective and efficient mitigation and recovery programs that reduce risk and help shrink the time between disaster and recovery. We offer these services not for profit, but for impact.

Our Services

All too often, communities struggle to recover quickly and predictably after a disaster due to the complexity of America’s framework for delivering federal, state, and local disaster recovery assistance. SBP’s government services team is composed of state and local recovery leaders who built and operated some of the fastest and most productive recovery programs for disaster-impacted communities across the country. (South Carolina Disaster Recovery Office).

SBP provides resilience and recovery leaders and government agencies with:

  • Technical Assistance & Advisory Services - Disaster Recovery is complex but SBP’s team of advisors have navigated federal, state, and local recovery issues. Not as consultants, but as public servants responsible for program design and execution. Now they help SBP serve other impacted communities by sharing best practices and lessons learned.
  • Leadership and Management Training - We know that no organization can be successful without actionable plans, effective leaders, and a well-trained workforce. We have designed a suite of training opportunities for elected officials and recovery Leader and their management teams.
  • Direct Services - SBP’s team of disaster preparedness and recovery professionals have executed and overseen every aspect of FEMA and HUD funded preparedness and recovery programs at the state and local level. SBP is well positioned to provide direct services to government partners to add knowledge and increase production capacity, achieving better results for survivors.

To learn more about how SBP can help in your recovery, please email our Advise team - advise@sbpusa.org.

Our Team

JR Sanderson is SBP’s Senior Government Adviser. He is a retired Army officer whose last military assignment was as Chief of Staff for the Army Training Center at Fort Jackson. He designed and led the highly successful South Carolina Disaster Recovery Office in the aftermath of Hurricane Joaquin in 2015, Hurricane Matthew in 2016, and conducted the planning and developed the Strategy for the Hurricane Florence 2018 recovery as well as for the $157M CDBG-Mitigation grant. South Carolina’s disaster recovery efforts were record setting in terms of providing high quality services to citizens in 22 Counties across the state, and in the overall strategy and swiftness of the recovery. He served as the Chief of Staff of the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles prior to designing and leading the South Carolina Disaster Recovery Office and CDBG-DR programs. He holds a Masters' of Public Administration from Western Kentucky University, a Master’s of Military Arts and Science, and a Master’s of Strategic Studies from Air War College. He is a member of the Fort Jackson Hall of Fame. For his efforts in Disaster Recovery for the State of South Carolina, he was recently awarded the Order of the Palmetto by Governor McMaster.

Reese May, a two-time combat Marine veteran, is SBP’s Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer and oversees SBP’s strategic operations around the country. In this capacity, Reese consults with community and elected leaders at all levels on how best to develop and implement long-term disaster recovery programs that avoid common mistakes and barriers to a prompt, efficient and predictable recovery. Reese has led SBP’s long-term recovery efforts in Missouri, New York, New Jersey, South Carolina, and Texas. Reese’s work and policy recommendations to high-ranking government officials following severe flooding in South Carolina, Texas, and elsewhere have enabled communities to mount a more efficient and effective recovery. Reese holds a B.A. in Political Science from the University of Southern Mississippi and is a Truman National Security Fellow.