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SBP’s Advise Team, composed of experienced CDBG-DR & MIT program leaders and community development professionals, provides multiple virtual and live training opportunities on proven, best practices and strategies for increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of CDBG-DR & MIT program delivery.

Upcoming Events

Wednesday, 29 June at 11:00 AM EST: Building a Culture of Preparedness

This webinar includes practical preparedness measures for the individual, community, state, and federal government levels that increase preparedness and assist in making us ready for whatever comes next. Given the rate and intensity of natural disasters, we require perpetual preparedness. This webinar discusses many of the areas where we, as homeowners, renters, community members, public administrators, emergency managers, and elected officials, can assist in building a Culture of Preparedness.

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Wednesday, 13 July 2022 at 11:00 AM EST: Administering the CDBG-MIT Grant

The CDBG-DR and CDBG-MIT grants are complex. The CDBG-MIT grant has numerous program offerings to assist impacted communities. Once the strategy has been established in the Action Plan, grantees must develop key policies to implement their programs. This webinar is designed to discuss all these key topics and assist grantees in administering Mitigation programs.

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Wednesday, 17 August at 11:00 AM EST: Federal Cross-Cutting Requirements

Grantees don’t necessarily have to be experts on all federal cross-cutting requirements that impact CDBG-Dr and CDBG-MIT programs, but they must be aware of all the requirements and ensure appropriate safeguards to prevent failure. This webinar provides an overview of most federal cross-cutting requirements that impact grantees and their programs. It is designed to provide the grantee with professional tips on managing the requirements and ensuring compliance.

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Wednesday. 7 September at 11:00 AM EST: Common Pitfalls in Disaster Recovery

CDBG-DR programs fail at an alarming rate. Successful programs avoid common pitfalls and build strong programs that move quickly and accomplish Action Plan goals and objectives. This webinar is designed to educate and inform grantees on the common pitfalls that limit, hamper, and sometimes destroy disaster recovery programs. Knowing these key areas, grantees can mitigate weaknesses and build successful programs.

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Wednesday, 12 October at 11:00 AM EST: HUD Proofing your CDBG-DR or CDBG-MIT Program

HUD will monitor the program, but the grantee is responsible for internal compliance, internal auditing, and monitoring. Many grantees spend countless hours fixing themselves and correcting findings and concerns after a HUD monitoring visit. This webinar is designed to assist the grantee in key areas where grantees often fall short.

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Wednesday, 16 November at 11:00 AM EST: Leadership and Decision Making in Disaster Recovery

Public Administration leadership and strong management and business skills are requirements for successful CDBG-DR and CDBG-MIT programs. This webinar is designed to provide disaster recovery and mitigation leaders at all levels with practical wisdom to run a successful program. It also discusses building a strategy and tracking the program's progress to quickly find and eliminate bottlenecks.

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Wednesday, 14 December at 11:00 AM EST: Organizational Effectiveness in Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery Organizations that administer these complex and life-changing grants must be effective and efficient. They must retain talent and grow as a collective learning organization. This webinar discusses the numerous precepts essential to organizational effectiveness that can positively influence CDBG-DR and CDBG-MIT grants.

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