One of SBP’s core values is yokoten, which roughly translates to if you do it well, share it. In the corporate world, companies consider their formulas, patents and models to be proprietary. In our people-serving world, we believe that SBP has an obligation to share effective solutions so that greater numbers of people can benefit, thereby shrinking the time between disaster and recovery.

In the aftermath of a disaster, SBP collaborates with rebuilding organizations and nonprofits, including community foundations and local/regional nonprofit and non-government organization training partners, to utilize SBP's innovative, proven-effective rebuilding model. This raises the collective capacity to serve disaster-impacted communities quickly, efficiently, and at high standards so that a greater number of residents have a shorter recovery time.

When more rebuilding organizations operate at peak capacity and efficiency, more homes can be rebuilt for more families sooner and over a larger geographic area, sparing disaster-impacted people the suffering of a prolonged recovery.

Some examples of our collaboration:

  • South Carolina - SBP has partnered with the United Way of the Midlands and is sharing our model with a number of small nonprofit organizations which have not traditionally participated in disaster recovery such as Home Works and All Hands Volunteers as well as with the local affiliates of national organizations such as Habitat for Humanity in order to raise their capacity and effectiveness.
  • Baton Rouge - SBP has partnered with the Baton Rouge Area Foundation and is currently training and working alongside organizations including the local Habitat for Humanity affiliate and Rebuilding Together to ensure that recovery efforts across a wide geographic area are consistent, efficient, and effective.
  • West Virginia - Through the Home for West Virginia program, SBP is training local organizations to rebuild homes efficiently across the state.
  • Houston - SBP partnered with the Greater Houston Community Foundation to launch Harvey Home Connect, a centralized case management system that increases efficiency in the recovery process for both nonprofits and clients. Additionally, through a partnership with the JJ Watt Foundation, SBP funded rebuilding, training, and capacity-building among partner organizations to serve more clients affected by Hurricane Harvey.
  • North Carolina - SBP partnered with the American Red Cross, the Foundation for the Carolinas, and the Corporation for National and Community Service to fund rebuilding, training, and capacity-building among partner organizations to serve more clients affected by Hurricane Florence.