On September 1, 2019, Hurricane Dorian engulfed Abaco and Grand Bahama island as a Category 5 hurricane with sustained winds of 185 mph battering the islands for three day before pulling away. In its wake, entire communities lay in ruins -- homes and businesses torn completely from their foundations by 20 foot storm surge and gale force winds. Those lucky enough to survive, faced flooding on a scale unseen before in the Bahama.

New Orleans, LA

On August 29, 2005, Hurricane Katrina struck the New Orleans area resulting in the worst natural disaster in the history of the United States.

Florida Panhandle

Hurricane Michael hit the Florida Panhandle in October 2018 with strong winds that destroyed entire communities, knocking homes to the ground. SBP deployed several teams of AmeriCorps members to help before partnering with Hope Panhandle to begin rebuilding the Bay County area.

Puerto Rico

On September 20, 2017, Hurricane Maria made landfall on the island of Puerto Rico.

Hurricane Harvey Recovery

In August 2017, Hurricane Harvey unleashed unprecedented rainfall across Texas causing severe wind and flood damage in the southeast of the state.


As part of its Hurricane Sandy recovery efforts, SBP rebuilds homes in Monmouth and Ocean Counties, where there is still a tremendous need nearly five years after Sandy.

Rockaway, NY

Thousands of families who lost their homes to Hurricane Sandy remain displaced nearly six years later, or worse, are still living in their flood damaged house.

Columbia, SC

In October of 2015, Hurricane Joaquin caused historic, widespread flooding that devastated the state of South Carolina.

South Louisiana

South Louisiana was devastated by unprecedented flooding in August 2016, damaging more than 70,000 homes were damaged or destroyed.

San Marcos, TX


May and October of 2015 saw two devastating flood events in central Texas. Hundreds of families were displaced or living in their flood damaged homes. SBP partnered with local and national organizations to bring these families home.

White Sulphur Springs, WV


Historic flooding hit several West Virginia counties in June 2016, destroying countless properties and uprooting families across the state. SBP partnered with local and national organizations invested in recoveries in various flood affected areas of the state to bolster their capacity and achieve maximum efficiency.

Joplin, MO


On May 22nd, 2011 an EF5 tornado devastated Joplin, taking 161 lives, destroying 7,500 homes and over 500 businesses. SBP rebuilt 181 homes for families in need, helping residents complete the recovery eighteen months ahead of schedule.

Resilience Training Locations

SBP offers FREE resilience training for home and business owners in communities that have been identified as “at-risk” based on population, risk to wind or water events, median household income and home ownership rates. We are actively training in these locations:

New Orleans, LA; Baton Rouge, LA; Houston, TX; Monmouth & Ocean Counties, NJ