A prompt, efficient recovery begins with pre-disaster resilience and preparedness. SBP provides training and resources to homeowners to ensure they get the right insurance, organize and store critical documents, and make their homes physically resilient to a disaster - fortifying them against unnecessary suffering should one occur.


Disaster recovery is a complicated and stressful process for survivors. SBP shrinks time between disaster and recovery by rebuilding for impacted homeowners and providing critical information which empowers them to make smart decisions that will speed their recovery.


SBP's pre-disaster resilience training helps small businesses prepare by getting the right insurance and implementing a continuity plan. SBP also works with mid-large size businesses to protect their best asset - their employees - by providing homeowner resilience training so they can return to work sooner and with a clear mind, in the wake of a disaster.

Policy Makers

When disasters occur, SBP advises policy makers on how to shrink time between disaster and recovery. It is imperative that smart, informed decisions be made from the start, as this has a significant effect on the tail end of the recovery. SBP shares our insight with policy makers, helping them to understand the critical decisions and policies that have helped or hindered recoveries in other states and communities.

Service Providers

SBP believes that successful recoveries occur when all groups collaborate and work efficiently. Following disaster, SBP raises capacity among local and regional nonprofit groups by sharing our proven effective model, thereby enabling a prompt and predictable recovery.