Businesses and Nonprofits

SBP provides preparedness training and resources to businesses and nonprofits of all sizes to help their organization and employees better prepare for disaster. When organizations are able to resume operations and employees are able to return to work quickly after disaster, they are able to support and serve their communities in times of need.

SBP works with organizations in two ways:

  1. Business Continuity Training for Small Organizations: 40% of small businesses that close following a disaster, never re-open. We help small businesses and nonprofits prepare for disaster by providing continuity and preparedness training to leadership.
  2. Employee Preparedness Training for All Organizations: We help small and large organizations protect their best asset - their employees - by providing household preparedness training so they can return to work sooner and with a clear mind, following a disaster.

Both training programs come with checklists and resource guides that are step-by-step tools to help employees and organizations prepare for and build resilience to disaster.

We have trained members of business associations and Chambers of Commerce in communities nationwide and have partnered with large employers such as Toyota, Walmart, UPS, General Mills, Uber, Mercedes-Benz, and Turner Construction to train their employees.

For more information about our training programs, please email us at