When disasters occur, SBP helps state and local recovery leaders navigate the complexities of disaster recovery, set clear goals, and implement recovery plans that reduce the time between disaster and recovery. By setting a clear and aggressive path to recovery, community leaders can prevent human suffering and reduce the negative impact on the economy and the community caused by delay and lack of predictability.

The quickest way to finish a recovery is to start. Deliberate and informed policy decisions have a significant effect on the tail end of the recovery. SBP shares our insight and experience with decision-makers to help avoid common pitfalls in disaster recovery from strategy through execution.

SBP is committed to helping community leaders, elected officials, and decision-makers at every level serve the most vulnerable survivors.

  • SBP partners with local rebuilding organizations and nonprofitsincluding community foundations and the local/regional affiliates of The United Way, Habitat for Humanity and others, in order to expand rebuilding capacity and jumpstart recovery.


Disaster recovery in America is complicated. For state and local leaders, especially those responding to and recovering from a disaster for the first time - the learning curve is steep.

These leaders must respond to their community’s immediate needs while simultaneously accessing federal funds and designing long-term recovery programs that will effectively deliver millions, or billions, of dollars to meet survivors’ needs.

We help guide municipal leaders, sharing lessons learned and best practices from SBP’s work in previous disasters. We understand that community needs and resources available often vary from state-to-state and community-to-community. To that end, SBP listens to the concerns of officials and helps design programs that are tailored to each community. If you have questions, or would like to discuss how SBP might be able to advise disaster recovery in your state or community, please contact us. We are here to help.