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National Volunteer Week 2024

Celebrating volunteers, the backbone of disaster recovery

Simply put, disaster recovery—the essential work of rebuilding homes, lives and communities—wouldn’t be possible without the contributions volunteers make to recovery efforts. As we celebrate National Volunteer Week, we’re excited to highlight the stories of a few of SBP’s courageous volunteers.

Volunteers aren’t just important to disaster recovery—they’re essential. When a disaster strikes, organizations like SBP rely on volunteers to perform a host of critical duties: mucking and gutting homes, tarping roofs, and helping with rebuilding operations. Without the contributions of volunteers, the sheer number of survivors SBP is able to help recover from the catastrophic effects of natural disasters just wouldn’t be achievable. Our volunteers’ generosity and ongoing participation allows us to reach those most in need, long after camera crews have gone home.

To celebrate National Volunteer Week, we're thrilled to share the stories of four amazing SBPeople who have donated their time and service to help households rebuild and recover from disasters.

Meet Sister Regina Marie, A Tireless Force for Good

No one can quite recall who first met Sister Regina Marie, but she’s been part of SBP for years, bringing thousands of volunteers to worksites and raising thousands of dollars through her network. Pouring energy and enthusiasm into everything she does, Sister Regina Marie is a passionate advocate for SBP’s work, and we’re truly thankful for her support.

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Meet Jim Feeney, Cyclist for Change

Jim Feeney, a fiercely committed advocate for displaced families, embarked on a five-month, 10,421 mile bike ride in 2023 around the perimeter of the continental United States to raise funds and awareness for survivors of natural disasters. In total, Jim’s SBPerimeter Ride raised $361,798, enabling us to bring 12 disaster-impacted families home. We're extremely grateful for Jim's ongoing commitment to our mission, and continue to be inspired by his incredible feat.

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Meet William Favrot, Generosity Personified

A dedicated SBP volunteer who lends a hand at SBP New Orleans twice a week, Will Favrot is a volunteer whose energy and enthusiasm can always be counted on. Whether it's tackling big or small projects, Will is a fantastic extension of our team, always ready with a warm smile and a helping hand. We're incredibly thankful for Will's time and commitment to getting people home.

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Meet Donald Haubert, A Dedicated Volunteer From the Beginning

Donald Hauber is no stranger to SBP. Don, who recently retired from Loyola University as a Biology Professor, has been volunteering with SBP since Hurricane Katrina. In his free time, Don loves working with SBP, helping rebuild communities throughout New Orleans. Don has truly become an extension of our team, and we are grateful for the time and dedication he has shared on behalf of survivors.

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