Houston Recovery Operations

Through the following programs and activities, SBP serves low-to-moderate-income residents with a special focus on families with small children, the elderly, disabled persons, war veterans, and the under and uninsured.

Phone: (346) 570-4867


Provides necessary repairs for families to have a safe, secure, and sanitary place to live. SBP has rebuilt nearly 400 homes in the Houston area.

Opportunity Housing

SBP’s Homeownership Program turns blighted and abandoned properties into newly built, affordable housing for sale to qualified low-to-moderate-income, first-time homeowners.

SBP’s Rental Program provides high-quality, affordable homes available for rent to qualified, low-income families.

Rebuilding For Veterans

SBP prioritizes providing rebuilding services for low to moderate-income veterans whose homes have been damaged or destroyed after disaster. By returning veterans to their homes quickly after disaster, SBP supports their individual freedom, provides equality of opportunity, and promotes self-sufficiency -- each of which are essential components of American culture and values.

Houston Disaster Response

In August 2017, Hurricane Harvey unleashed unprecedented rainfall across Texas, causing severe wind and flood damage in the southeast of the state. Hundreds of thousands of Texas residents were impacted and found themselves in need of help to find a prompt, predictable, and efficient path home.