After a disaster, homeowners need recovery to be as prompt and predictable as possible in order to limit the amount of time they suffer the effects of displacement. SBP rebuilds for low- to moderate-income homeowners, placing a special focus on families with small children, the elderly, disabled persons, war veterans, and the under and uninsured. SBP's proven-effective rebuilding model is based on the Toyota Production System (TPS) and is enhanced by AmeriCorps members and volunteer labor which enable SBP to rebuild disaster impacted homes in an average of 61 days, at 40% of the cost of market-rate contractors. SBP's clients have one point of contact who works with them throughout the rebuilding process which ensures that they remain well informed at every stage of their recovery.

To further improve the speed and efficiency of our rebuilding, SBP partnered with Turner Construction on a pilot program to implement a streamlined, highly effective pre-fabricated building process. The majority of this work happens indoors, so changes in weather have little to no impact on our rebuilding work—which means we’re able to stay on track and not lose time due to forces beyond our control. Using this method we were able to build a new home from the foundation up for one of our clients in just 63 days. This pilot program has been implemented in New Orleans and Houston.

Opportunity Housing Program

Through its Opportunity Housing Program, SBP makes the dream of homeownership for low and moderate-income families a reality. We build high-quality homes at an affordable price by pairing these homes with government-provided down payments and closing cost assistance. SBP homes are both energy efficient and storm-resilient, so families can build equity and save money on energy costs now while being better prepared to weather future disasters.

Owner-Occupied Rebuilding

This program returns low to moderate-income homeowners to their homes following a disaster, often after they have exhausted every other option. The key to SBP’s Owner-Occupied Rebuilding Program is its model, which implements a variety of innovative best practices and is deeply subsidized by AmeriCorps members from all over the country who serve as client case managers, volunteer coordinators, and construction site supervisors, overseeing the labor of more than 10,000 volunteers (per location) each year. SBP’s effective use of volunteer labor further reduces rebuilding costs, while engaging community members and fostering a sense of shared sense of purpose for all involved.

Rebuilding for America’s Veterans

SBP is dedicated to supporting the well-being of low to moderate-income veterans by helping them rebuild their homes. By returning veterans to functional homes, SBP supports their individual freedom, provides equality of opportunity, and promotes self-sufficiency, each of which is an essential component of American culture and values. We currently offer two programs specifically for veterans homeowners who exemplify hard work and resourcefulness, having spent their lives devoted to preserving and protecting American freedoms.


As people age, their needs change, making home modifications essential to safety and well-being. Recognizing older adults' desire to age in place with dignity, SBP works with Occupational Therapists to offer home modifications to offer accessibility home modifications.

Homeowner Resources