Helping the Florida Panhandle

The Problem

On October 10, 2018, Hurricane Michael devastated the Florida Panhandle as a category five storm, leaving communities unrecognizable and in ruins.

An estimated 60,000 homes sustained damage, with 22,000 people displaced in Bay County alone. 90% of the trees were lost, snapped, or defoliated. Thousands of homeowners still do not have the funds or resources necessary to rebuild. They are left without a clear, predictable path to recovery.

You Are The Solution

Our team works hard to drive recovery forward, utilizing AmeriCorps and volunteer labor. The Toyota Production System allows us to stretch donor dollars and shrink the time between disaster and recovery for more homeowners.

With our operation running approximately 355 days a year, we could not do this without you. Together, we have rebuilt homes for dozens of disaster-impacted families. You are the solution, and there are several ways to get involved.

Volunteer: We need passionate people to help us achieve our mission of shrinking the time between disaster and recovery. Do you want to make a difference to bring families home? Register here.

Join AmeriCorps: Apply to become an AmeriCorps member and learn new skills while directly impacting families’ recovery. You can find more information here.

Share the story: People are moved to help those in need but are often unaware there even is a need. Follow us and share our posts on social media. We’re on Instagram, Facebook!


Yokoten is a Japanese word that is loosely translated to “if you do it well, share it.” We have a moral imperative to share what we have learned, and we are fortunate enough to be joined in that responsibility by our supportive partners: Volunteer Florida; Habitat for Humanity of Bay County; Rebuild Bay County; Lutheran Disaster Services; All Hands and Hearts; Compass 82; Catholic Charities; UMCOR; and Fuller Disaster Builders.

If you would like to join us in shrinking the time between disaster and recovery in partnership with each other, please contact our Executive Director, Pamela Kidwell, at or 850-252-6202.