Florida Recovery Operations

In October 2018, Hurricane Michael caused significant devastation to Bay County, Florida, with around 60,000 homes damaged and 22,000 people displaced. In response, SBP opened a long-term recovery office in Panama City and committed to assisting in the region's long-term recovery. SBP has rebuilt hundreds of homes and is the only remaining post-disaster rebuilding nonprofit in Bay County. SBP has built roofs to the IBHS FORTIFIED standard, and many clients received hurricane shutters to protect against future storms.

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Recovery Acceleration Fund (RAF)

A social impact investment fund that provides microloans for post-disaster rebuilding to low-income, HUD-qualified families who are not eligible for SBA loans. The RAF allows low to moderate-income homeowners to make home repairs years faster than if they had to wait on traditional government programs (CDBG-DR). SBP will use the RAF to address the financial barriers that confront communities of color and other underserved communities by providing HUD-approved microloans.

SBP is a national disaster recovery and resilience organization dedicated to shrinking the time between disaster and recovery. For those impacted by a natural disaster, we provide home rebuilding assistance in select communities and one-on-one support applying for and appealing to FEMA. For survivors navigating the post-disaster recovery process, we also offer preparedness and digital recovery resources such as tips for avoiding contractor fraud, how to navigate the insurance claim process, and much much more.