Southwest Louisiana Recovery Operations

Through the following programs and activities, SBP serves low-to-moderate-income residents with a special focus on families with small children, the elderly, disabled persons, war veterans, and the under and uninsured.

Phone: (504)-390-0963


Provides necessary repairs for families to have a safe, secure, and sanitary place to live. SBP has rebuilt over 100 homes in the Southwest Louisiana area since 2020.


SBP prioritizes providing rebuilding services for low to moderate-income veterans whose homes have been damaged or destroyed after disaster. By returning veterans to their homes quickly after disaster, SBP supports their individual freedom, provides equality of opportunity, and promotes self-sufficiency -- each of which are essential components of American culture and values.

Older Adults Home Modification Program

SBP is not just a relief organization - it is a long-term recovery organization. Once other groups have left a disaster-impacted community, SBP remains and is often one of the only resources still available to serve older adults, effectively preventing them from reaching their breaking point.

SBP has helped 1,500 older adults (62 years or older) via the provision of ADA-compliant home modifications, including installing adaptive equipment such as walk-in bath tubs, grab bars and ramps, and widening doorways and lowering cabinets to improve accessibility for clients and allow them to age in place.


The eye of Hurricane Delta made landfall on October 9 as a Category 2 hurricane at Creole, Louisiana located in Cameron Parish, one of the areas hardest hit by Hurricane Laura. Delta had wind speeds of 90 mph causing additional damage and creating a setback in recovery for this twice-hit region. Hurricane Delta was the 10th named storm to hit the US this season, breaking the 1916 record of 9, with 4 of those storms hitting south Louisiana.

Hurricane Laura roared across the Louisiana coastline just six weeks ago as a Category 4 hurricane with wind speeds of 150 mph. Laura retained hurricane strength as it traveled across Louisiana causing widespread damage. An estimated 46,000 homes were damaged or destroyed in this storm.