We prevent people from being pushed beyond their breaking point by reducing the time between disaster and recovery

While we can’t prevent natural disasters, we can prevent the suffering they cause. SBP shrinks the time between disaster and recovery through five interventions: BUILD efficiently; SHARE our model with other organizations; PREPARE home and business owners through resilience training; ADVISE municipal and state officials, and ADVOCATE for policy changes and improvements to the disaster recovery industry. To achieve our mission, SBP takes a holistic approach to disasters—increasing resilience before and streamlining recovery after.

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SBP rebuilds homes damaged or destroyed by disaster. Utilizing the Toyota Production System (TPS), SBP is able to rebuild quickly and efficiently at 40% the cost of market rate contractors, by relying on AmeriCorps and volunteer labor.


SBP shares our proven effective model with other non-profit, non-government and volunteer organizations in order to increase capacity and efficacy across the disaster rebuilding sector. By collaborating and coordinating with other organizations, we shrink time between disaster and recovery for a greater number of homeowners.


SBP provides pre-disaster resilience and risk-mitigation training to home and business owners so they can take proactive steps such as getting the right insurance and making their property more resilient prior to disaster, thereby avoiding unnecessary suffering in the aftermath of one.


Following a disaster, SBP works closely with elected officials at the local and state level to empower a prompt, efficient and predictable recovery. SBP advises policy makers on how to speed recovery by helping leadership understand the complexities of the disaster recovery landscape and the decisions that will be required of them in the months ahead.


To achieve its mission, SBP works to improve the policy and institutional framework of the disaster recovery industry through public and legislative advocacy. We believe that disaster recovery works when tied to measurable, benchmarked results.