Owner-Occupied Rebuilding

SBP's Owner Occupied Rebuild Program (OOR Program) uses volunteers, charitable donations, and grants to return homeowners to their homes and communities following a disaster. This program serves low to moderate-income residents, focusing on the most vulnerable members of American society. These populations include families with children, the elderly, persons with disabilities, veterans, and individuals without sufficient insurance. AmeriCorps Members from all over the country subsidize this program by serving as Client Service Coordinators, Volunteer Coordinators, Supply and Logistic Coordinators, Construction Coordinators, and Construction Project Leads, overseeing the labor of more than 10,000 volunteers per location each year. SBP's effective use of volunteer labor further reduces rebuilding costs while engaging community members and fostering a shared sense of purpose for all involved. As a result, SBP rebuilds disaster-impacted homes in an average of 61 days at 40% of the cost of market-rate contractors, significantly shrinking the time between disaster and recovery for Americans in need across the country.

Steps in SBP's OOR Rebuilding Process

    • Households are assigned a Client Services Coordinator who will work with them throughout the rebuilding process to keep them well informed at every stage of their recovery.

    • Once households are approved, SBP begins its rebuilding process. Our team creates a timeline, assigns subcontractors when necessary, and draws construction plans for each property.

    • A dedicated Project Manager closely monitors each rebuilding phase during construction to ensure volunteers and independent contractors follow processes and address unexpected issues.

    • Project Leads train and manage volunteers to ensure work-site safety and high-quality results.

    • Once our team completes construction, we welcome homeowners back to their homes, communities, and livelihoods.

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