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Farmers Insurance's Commitment to Disaster Affected Communities

After natural disasters, homeowners rely on prompt and predictable recovery to limit the time they will suffer the effects of displacement. Homeowners are thrust into the long and unexpected journey of disaster recovery, often without the support they need to recover financially, physically, or emotionally, putting them at risk of reaching their breaking points. That's why SBP not only strives to shrink the time between disaster and recovery for the most vulnerable members of American society but also to foster a shared sense of purpose for all of our clients, donors, volunteers, staff, and corporate partners. It takes a village to help bring our clients to the moment they return to a safe and secure home and feel that they can put the past behind them.

Ms. Ophelia showing off her favorite cards during her ribbon-cutting ceremony in Houma, Louisiana

Farmers Insurance, one of our long-standing and deeply supportive corporate partners, is crucial to that recovery process and helping to build a shared sense of purpose and community. Beyond Farmer's generous financial contributions and exemplary volunteer support on SBP's worksites, their employees help welcome our clients back home by hand crafting countless beautiful Welcome-Home cards. These cards are delivered to our clients during their Welcome Home Parties across the country in disaster-affected communities in Florida, Texas, Louisiana, and Puerto Rico. When they open them, they are astonished to read the many heartfelt congratulations. Our clients express genuine surprise and excitement while reading each one! See one of the late-night text messages we received from one of our clients from Houma, LA:

Welcome Home BJ
Ms. Bj reading her beautiful cards before her Welcome Home Party in Panama City, Florida

"I would like to, once again, thank you guys for everything. I read every last card, and they were all so touching. I love you guys. Please take care, and let everyone know I'll keep you in prayer. Continue with the work that God has set before you!" -Ms. Ophelia

Esquivel WHP 2
Esquivel WHP
The Esquivels sharing their handmade poster featuring Farmers cards during their Welcome Home Party in Houston, Texas

Thank you, Farmers Insurance, for your commitment to social responsibility by giving back, serving others, and positively impacting communities across the country. You've shown how even if we come from different places, we can still extend our love and compassion and create memorable experiences for those in need.

Ms Alice F Amily Welcome Home Party 62
Ms Alice F Amily Welcome Home Party 29
Ms. Alice opening her cards during her Welcome Home Party in Southwest Louisiana