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GAF Roofing Brings 'Community Matters' Initiative to New Orleans

GAF Roofing, North America’s largest roofing and waterproofing manufacturer, has partnered with SBP to aid in repairing roofs after natural disasters. In the wake of Hurricane Ian and several other natural disasters in the past few months, investing in resilience is more important than ever. Investing in resilience applies to both materials used to rebuild houses and the attitude the citizens of these communities must harness. GAF is committed to protecting what matters most, with sustainable and resilient roofs, as well as launching a social impact initiative called Community Matters.

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Community Matters is a multifaceted initiative created to strengthen and support the communities it serves. As part of its effort, GAF has renewed its partnership with several non-profit organizations, including SBP. Our ideals align with GAF, and together we are building communities back stronger than they were before. When the Community Matters initiative was launched in 2020, GAF committed more than $6 million in financial and in-kind donations to create disaster resiliency, including materials for roofing over 1,500 homes. Today, GAF has vowed to build 500 more roofs for low-income families across the gulf region and has committed $25 million by 2025 to help build more resilient communities across the country. With SBP’s roots in New Orleans, GAF has been integral in bringing families home to stable lives with roofs over their heads.

Anthony Mackie, a critically acclaimed actor and New Orleans Native, has supported The Community Matters initiative to bring residents back home. Mackie grew up in New Orleans’ 7th ward, where his father spent his career as a roofer. With GAF’s help, Mackie has rebuilt several roofs in the area, assisting in the effort to bring 150 new roofs to the 7th ward. “There have been so many natural disasters that have ravaged the gulf coast region, that blue tarps have become synonymous with flying into New Orleans,” Mackie explained on The Today Show. People need steady roofs over their heads to feel safe, and the communities in New Orleans have been living without them. “What GAF is really bringing to the table with the ‘Community Matters’ movement, is really giving me the opportunity, giving us the opportunity to go back and work in our own neighborhoods.”

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In the spirit of true resilience, The Community Matters initiative not only brings new materials to homes that need them but also teaches young people who live in at-risk areas how to build roofs on their own houses. Through the GAF Roofing Academy, GAF trains community members in essential roofing skills. In turn, GAF empowers these residents to be prepared should another storm pass through their neighborhood while also teaching them the skills needed to be employed by the GAF’s non-profit partners should they want to aid in rebuilding efforts elsewhere. With this, GAF has positioned itself as a true champion of community building, and we could not be more proud to partner with them.

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None of this would be possible without the partnership of Good360, who provides the shingles needed to complete the roofs that GAF builds. Thank you to Good360 for your help, and thank you to GAF for believing in resilient communities and creating opportunities for us to come together and rebuild.