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Hurricane Season is Near: Are You Prepared?

Every Hurricane Season, severe weather and flooding destroy in hours what people have taken years, even decades, to build: a home, a life savings and a family’s sense of security.

Severe weather doesn’t come with a calendar invitation—we don’t know exactly when or where it will strike. And while the risk information we do have can provide guidelines, it’s not a guarantee.

  • Flood maps don’t capture all the risk. Nearly 80% of Houston properties damaged by Harvey or the 57% of properties damaged by Florence were all outside the 100-year floodplain.

  • Even “hurricane season” is stretching beyond its traditional time frame; officially June 1 through November 30, in each of the last four years storms have developed before June.

Though forecasts released for the 2019 Hurricane Season anticipate normal or slightly elevated storm activity, the last few years should serve as example that it only takes one storm to cause catastrophic damage to life and property.

The best defense is to take action today to reduce the risks that tomorrow may bring.

Protect Your Livelihood—Get Flood Insurance

There’s a 30-day waiting period before flood insurance coverage goes into effect. As of today, only 20 days are left until hurricane season officially kicks off. Get flood insurance now to protect your home and possessions.

Not near a major body of water? Flood protection still matters. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration estimates more than 200 million Americans are at elevated risk for flooding right now, especially in the Midwest.

Learn more about protecting yourself from flood risk.

Prepare Your Family

Have an emergency plan for your household, including written lists of important contacts, a disaster supplies kit, and plans for sheltering in place and evacuation.SBP’s Disaster Preparedness Guide will get you started.

Prepare Your Home

Ensure your important documents are organized, protected, and backed up offsite or in the Cloud. Create a home inventory by taking pictures or video of every room. Make a checklist of actions to take ahead of severe weather—such as bringing in lawn furniture, putting up storm shutters, and elevating items off the ground floor—and assign them to household members.

Taking these steps now will help you protect your family for the future, whatever it holds.