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Increasing Resilience: Actions to take before Hurricane Season

Did you know that 90% of mitigation investment is made after major events. Efforts to increase resilience and mitigate risk are too little too late and almost always backward looking. Mitigation efforts also pale in comparison to amount of money we spend each year and, importantly, the time it takes for communities to recover from events our communities weren’t well prepared for. Various studies show that $1 in mitigation can save up to $6 in recovery expense, but it is difficult to put a price tag on the needless human suffering caused by unpredictable and delayed access to crucial recovery assistance. This is especially true when risks could have been mitigated before the disaster. The scenario plays out similarly in disaster-impacted communities around the country each year.

A wide-range of technologies can help communities, businesses, and individuals access, collect, and analyze to more and better data to help deeply understand and mitigate risk. These tools can hasten and more precisely deliver the knowledge of risk from those who are aware to those who should be. 2019 represents a new opportunity to invest in and protect American communities before disasters happen.

If you are a homeowner, it means having a disaster preparedness plan, the right insurance and understanding all that you can do to mitigate your risk.

If you are a business leader, it means protecting your most important asset – your people. When disasters occur, communities rely on businesses to reopen quickly, and local businesses rely on their employees. Understanding what their risk exposure is and how can you help will impact your bottom line. You should contact SBP to learn how you can increase the resilience of your workforce with our FREE trainings.

If you are a community leader, it means taking action to increase resilience across your community’s networks. Federal funds have been appropriated to support and drive these mitigation and resilience building activities communities should be developing fundable projects today so they can move quickly to execute projects that reduce disaster risks before they happen.

It’s time to get ahead of it. Connect with SBP to explore how we can work together to increase resilience in your community. training@sbpusa.org