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A Message from Our Co-Founders: Leadership Changes at SBP

Almost 18 years ago, Liz and I launched SBP because the people of St. Bernard Parish and New Orleans stared into the abyss of uncertainty after losing their homes and neighborhoods to Hurricane Katrina. They faced their “breaking point” - the point when they would never be the same. Since those early years, hundreds of thousands of generous volunteers, investors, donors, and tireless employees have helped SBP become a leader in disaster resilience and recovery. SBP's impact is something we can all be proud of.

Together, SBP has:

SBP has never been afraid of change and growth; indeed, change is what has continuously been called for. Whether it was opening the only licensed mental health clinic in St. Bernard after Katrina, or utilizing the Toyota Production System to expand our rebuilding services to other states, to launching programs that would prevent people from needing SBP’s (or any other organization’s) rebuilding services in the first place - SBP has embraced change.

Now, 18 years later, it is time for more change.

Effective May 13, we will move into Founder Emeritus roles and begin the next chapters of our professional journeys. SBP has never been stronger and the need for SBP has never been greater. We’ve worked with the Board and our Senior Leadership to refine our strategy to focus on the urgent need for scale. It’s a strategy that understands that system-level change – achieved through deep and aligned partnerships, is how you bend history.

The SBP Board of Directors has created a search committee to find the next CEO and appointed Tim Brady as interim CEO. Tim joined the SBP board in 2023. Tim was formerly the Chief Product Officer at Yahoo, an investment partner at Y Combinator and CEO of the non-profit organization, Questbridge. Perhaps more importantly, he and his family are long-time SBP volunteers, meaning he understands the heart and soul of SBP. It would be impossible for us to more strongly endorse Tim for this role.

Additionally, Thomas Corley has been promoted to the role of COO, the role that Liz previously held. Thomas has worked at SBP for 12 years. Thomas previously served as SBP’s Chief Recovery Officer and is a proven leader with experience across operations, financial management, business development, and team-building, including service as Executive Director of SBP’s New York recovery operations after Hurricane Sandy. Years ago, we learned from Jeff Dailey, former CEO of Farmers, that a company’s best asset is its people. SBP’s future is in great hands.

The positive memories of families we’ve served, friends we’ve made and impact that - together - we’ve caused are overwhelming. None of this would have been possible without YOU. You, who donated, or volunteered, raised funds, rooted us on, worked on our team, served as an AmeriCorps member...you are the reason thousands of our neighbors are thriving today. You are the reason why thousands more will thrive, thanks to your continued support. We are so grateful.

Thank you for your past and ongoing support of SBP as we enter a new era of impact.

—Zack Rosenburg and Liz McCartney