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On the Road Again: SBP's Leader Practitioner Course in Michigan

SBP's Advise Team took their show on the road again last week to Detroit, Michigan, for a 3-day Leader Practitioner Course and a 1-day Planning Conference for the State of Michigan and the cities of Detroit and Dearborn. These amazing teams of public servants dove into the complex and often overwhelming work of disaster recovery planning with enthusiasm and a thirst for knowledge. These events were significant wins for the disaster-affected residents of Michigan because CDBG-DR grantees do not typically have the opportunity to design their CDBG-DR programs with experienced professionals before implementation. SBP's usual LPC attendees come to fix their programs once they realize they aren't working as effectively as possible, directly impacting the recovery timelines and well-being of the populations they serve. By assisting CDBG-DR public servants before program implementation, SBP's Advise Team ensured that the attendees' programs were set up for success, ultimately shrinking the time between disaster and recovery. A special thank you goes to Jefferson East, Inc. and The Kresge Foundation for their support in coordinating these events.

Detroit Presentation
JR Sanderson Phleisha Lewis

Read a few of the reviews the LPC attendees left for the Advise Team:

  • "I learned more in 3 days than 5 HUD webinars."
  • "I really appreciated the personal examples of things that worked and things that did not."
  • "The course was simple, extremely relatable, and retainable. The overall course items can be applied to my actual action plan."
  • "I loved it and it was a great experience to prime us."
  • "I'm really glad I attended. Not only was it helpful specifically for CDBG-DR, but also for leadership, management, and contracting in general. 10/10 recommend."
  • "I enjoyed the course. It was engaging and I have a lot of information to take back to my organization."
  • "I actually really like you all. I'm happy you've put together a quality course."

Are you interested in attending or inviting your team to SBP's Leader Practioner Course?