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Recent grant for Hurricane Florence recovery in North Carolina exceeds rebuilding goals

"Thanks to the American Red Cross, SBP is coupling focused capacity-building trainings with the resources needed to drastically increase our nonprofit partners’ ability to serve Florence-impacted communities in North Carolina. This program is truly a game-changer."
- Marly Maskill, SBP Manager of Disaster Partnerships and Training

NORTH CAROLINA – In support of Hurricane Florence recovery efforts across North Carolina, the American Red Cross granted more than $1.8 million to SBP, a national disaster resilience and recovery nonprofit organization. This funding, among other things, increases capacity of local organizations in North Carolina ensuring more families return to safe and secure housing. This is being accomplished by providing funding for the rebuild and repair of 74 homes, training, and capacity-building across partner organizations serving homeowners who lack the resources to recover on their own.

SBP efficiently and cost-effectively rebuilds disaster-impacted homes for families who cannot afford market-rate contractors. Since its founding in 2006, six months after Hurricane Katrina in St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana, the organization has rebuilt more than 2,100 homes in 13 operating locations in the US and the Bahamas. After Hurricane Florence hit North Carolina in September 2018, SBP immediately responded with a deployment team that supported survivors through mucking, gutting and mold remediation services. The organization also shared free, vital resources with homeowners to help those impacted make informed decisions that will help them avoid common pitfalls and speed their recovery (sbpusa.org/start-here). In July 2019, SBP began the long-term recovery process by launching an AmeriCorps Placement Site Program which placed 15 capacity-building AmeriCorps members across 8 partners in North Carolina.

This funding from the American Red Cross enables SBP to strengthen its investment in these partners. As part of this grant, SBP shares, through hands-on technical support and guidance, the approach, systems and processes it honed over the past 14 years. Combined with a Rebuild Fund, these efforts are raising capacity across North Carolina’s non-profit rebuilding industry, thereby expeditiously serving a greater number of impacted homeowners.

This funding was deployed in December 2019, and, as of May 1, 2020, SBP is performing ahead of grant goals. All rebuild funding has been allocated in support of 77 homes across 8 partners - note, the initial goal was for 74 homes! Of those 77 homes, 34 have been fully completed and the remaining homes are on track to be completed by June 30, 2020.

“Our partnership with SBP has been invaluable! We were able to hire 2 exceptional AmeriCorps Client Service Representatives who love what they do for us! And of course, the funding for projects such as mobile home replacements which would not have been possible without this partnership.” - Kitti Hardison, Director, Craven County Disaster Recovery Alliance

“This partnership has allowed me to increase my outreach and impact significantly. I have almost doubled my original projection for disaster recovery repairs.” - Tracy Coffin, Construction Project Manager, Fayetteville Habitat for Humanity

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