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SBP: Shrinking Time Between Disaster & Recovery

No one can quite recall who first met Sister Regina Marie, but she’s been part of SBP for years, bringing thousands of volunteers to worksites and raising thousands of dollars through her network — pouring her energy and enthusiasm into everything she does.

But sleep didn’t come easy. Sister Regina Marie reached out to SBP.

For a woman who has done so much for many clients, volunteers, AmeriCorps members and staff, SBP was finally able to give back and stabilize this community of sisters by providing a generator, water, ice, muck-and-gut services, and a tarped roof.

At 82, Sister Regina Marie is a fierce advocate for SBP’s work — for the people we have served over the last 15 years and the survivors now just beginning their recovery journey after Ida. Her home will need repair work that will require the sisters to temporarily relocate, but SRM has a plan and is no doubt already trying to figure out how to get more volunteers down to support our recovery work in southeast Louisiana.

On surviving Ida: “It’s one thing being a volunteer and teaching other volunteers to give. Our Ursuline motto is service in action. You know the day will end and you can come home and get a shower. That’s one thing, but going through it night after night and you’re living it day in and day out, you get up in the morning and feel like a truck ran over you. But you shape up and get going.

People are what’s important. We don’t need a house and all these frills. Just the basics. The most wonderful thing is friends, and neighbors. That’s what matters.

SBP is actively recruiting volunteers for our Hurricane Ida recovery work in southeast Louisiana. We’d love to have you. Sign up here.