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Your Home is Protecting You. Now You Must Protect It!

Now more than ever, HOME is an essential and life-saving component of the human experience. Beyond the home office, home school, home cooking and home entertainment, your HOME is protecting you and you must protect it!

While the world’s attention is focused on the pandemic crisis right now, we are looking ahead to how devastating spring storms and hurricanes could be this year. Forecasters predict that 2020 will be an "Above Average" hurricane season and that nearly half of the U.S. is at risk of spring flooding this year. As such, our focus must remain on building disaster resilience across the U.S. starting in each of our homes.

The most common thing we hear from disaster survivors (watch the Dorsey’s story here) is, “I didn’t think this could happen to me.” Our sense of security often comes from never before being impacted by severe weather events. Storms are stronger and more devastating than ever before. SBP recommends that everyone take action to protect against future risk. Just like you exercise, brush your teeth and invest in your children’s future to mitigate future problems, we want you to take simple actions to protect your home and family against disasters.

Nobody can prevent storms from happening, but we can minimize some of the damage they cause. At a time when individuals have control over so little, there are things people can do today to protect their home and family. In fact, there are “5 Quick Things” you can accomplish while at home.

Please take 3 minutes to watch this video and TAKE ACTION to protect your home and family:

5 Quick Things