Got Your Back Fund

SBP’s Got Your Back Fund prioritizes repairs and rebuilding for low-income, disaster-impacted veterans, ensuring they never have to wait to rebuild their homes and lives. For America’s heroes, a predictable path forward can mean the difference between reaching their breaking point and successful, long-term recovery. Through the Got Your Back Fund, SBP has served 28 veterans across six communities nationally. Signature support from Viatris has positioned SBP to be a leading disaster-rebuilding organization for America’s veterans, supporting their long-term recovery and future resilience. SBP continuously pools philanthropic support to ensure that the Got Your Back Fund is always ready and able to serve our nation’s heroes. Every dollar donated (up to $2M) will be matched with government funding to amplify the impact and speed of recovery for more disaster-impacted veterans across the country. SBP’s goal is to provide home repair and rebuilding services to at least 120 veterans nationwide by the end of 2023.


    On August 29th, 2021, Mr. Lonzo’s home was hit by Hurricane Ida, 16 years to the day after Hurricane Katrina. The winds tore a hole in his roof, exacerbating the damage inside, and reversing many of the repairs he and his family had managed to make in the years after Hurricane Katrina. His story had long gone unheard until SBP met Mr. Lonzo and his family. After approving his application, our team reached out to the National WWII Museum, whose leadership and staff personally volunteered their time to help rebuild the Lonzo home. Mr. C.P. Hilliard, a former board member of the Museum and a WWII veteran himself, made this project possible by providing the necessary funding for the rebuild, along with Mr. Arthur Price and Mr. David Etienne of Badger Oil. Now that the project is complete, Mr. Lonzo may live out the rest of his days in peace and security, as all of our nation’s veterans deserve.

    Felix Sierra, 81, was born in Vega Baja, Puerto Rico. He and his wife Margarita have lived in the community of Carmelitas for 42 years. Felix is a retired veteran with a long career as a labor supervisor. When Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico, Felix and Margarita evacuated to their son’s house to ride out the storm. When Felix finally returned home, he was devastated by the amount of damage that Hurricane Maria had done to his home: every single window had shattered, the roof was almost completely torn off, and water covered the floor of the entire home. When hundreds of residents lined up to get water, food, and gasoline, Felix’s son and daughter waited hours each day to deliver these essential items to him and Margarita. Their son and daughter continue to support them, especially with navigating the process to apply for aid. Thanks to our partners’ support of the Got Your Back Fund, SBP reached Felix quickly after Hurricane Maria, returning him to the safety and security of his home.