SBP’s Disaster Case Management Training

At SBP aiding disaster survivors in shrinking the time between disaster and recovery is our mission to deliver in every service we provide. We know having adequately trained Disaster Case Managers gives survivors the most straightforward and effective path to recovery.

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This two-day in-depth Disaster Case Manager course details everything current Disaster Case Managers need to know to be successful in helping survivors through the recovery process. Led by highly experienced current and former DCMs, this course covers all the aspects of setting up and executing a disaster case management program. Disaster case Managers will benefit from the intersection of managers from different organizations all in one room to interact and tackle some of the most significant recovery obstacles they face with clients.

Disaster Case Management Training is a course, not a conference; SBP will test and provide certificates to those who pass the final examination.

We charge for the course because we provide extensive workbooks and professional instruction. Our standard rate is $20,000.00 for 16 students, including all costs. While we are a non-profit, we work to be self-sustaining with this valuable training opportunity.