Regional Recovery Acceleration Week

When disaster strikes, communities and their leaders are suddenly responsible for navigating the complex recovery process. In the early days following a disaster, critical information is not easily accessible, leaving local leaders without a complete understanding of the disaster’s impact on the community. Communities then lack adequate resources and a predictable path forward to fully recover. To solve this problem, SBP, a national disaster recovery nonprofit, offers disaster-impacted communities a weeklong event called “Regional Recovery Acceleration Week.”

During this weeklong event, SBP’s team provides timely training for elected officials, public administrators, emergency managers, response and recovery non-profit organizations, and county and city finance directors to ensure prompt, efficient, and predictable recovery in the aftermath of federally declared disasters. SBP’s team delivers valuable data from qualified researchers to help identify areas of greatest impact and social vulnerability. This information helps to inform recovery leaders on the essential next steps in recovery and pinpoint areas that will need additional federal and or philanthropic support.

If you live in a disaster-prone area, add an SBP Regional Recovery Acceleration Week to your immediate response plan. If your community has recently been impacted by a disaster, please contact SBP today about setting up a Regional Recovery Acceleration Week in your community.

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