Advise Webinars

SBP’s Advise Team, composed of experienced CDBG-DR & MIT program leaders and community development professionals, provides multiple virtual and live training opportunities on proven, best practices and strategies for increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of CDBG-DR & MIT program delivery.

Upcoming Events

Wednesday, 16 November at 11:00 AM EST: Leadership and Decision-Making in Disaster Recovery

Public Administration leadership and strong management and business skills are requirements for successful CDBG-DR and CDBG-MIT programs. This webinar is designed to provide disaster recovery and mitigation leaders at all levels with practical wisdom to run a successful program. It also discusses building a strategy and tracking the program's progress to quickly find and eliminate bottlenecks.

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Wednesday, 14 December at 11:00 AM EST: Organizational Effectiveness in Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery Organizations that administer these complex and life-changing grants must be effective and efficient. They must retain talent and grow as a collective learning organization. This webinar discusses the numerous precepts essential to organizational effectiveness that can positively influence CDBG-DR and CDBG-MIT grants.

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Recorded Webinars