FEMA Appeals Program

SBP's FEMA Appeals Program helps disaster survivors access more funding to support their immediate and long-term needs. If you applied to FEMA and are wondering if you can appeal your award, the answer is yes. You qualify for an appeal if you:

    • Applied for FEMA assistance and received an initial award or response letter.
    • Were denied an SBA loan, are still awaiting a response from SBA, or we’re not requested by FEMA to apply for a loan.
    • Did not have homeowners/flood insurance, or your coverage was less than $36,000.
    • Owned and occupied your home at the time of the disaster. Renters can qualify for appeals as well.

FEMA Help Hotline: (800) 276-9511

Need Support?

Watch the videos below on navigating the FEMA and/or insurance claims process. Then fill out the Get Help form above to be contacted by a member of SBP's client services team, who will help walk you through the process.

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Why does SBP offer FEMA Appeals?

In the face of increasingly frequent and intense extreme weather events, time and predictability matter. FEMA funding is a critical component of long-term recovery for impacted homeowners and renters; however, the process to apply for and appeal FEMA awards has become increasingly burdensome and complicated over the years. In fact, FEMA's own advisory council released a 2020 report showing major problems in the way FEMA assesses damages and makes payouts, and how this process is detrimental to the ever-growing racial wealth gap. A joint study between Rice University and the University of Pittsburgh indicates “that, holding disaster costs constant, the more FEMA money a county receives, the more whites’ wealth tends to grow and the more blacks’ wealth tends to decline, all else equal.”

Results of SBP's FEMA Appeals Program

  • Survivors see a 65.7% increase in their total FEMA award.
  • Survivors are awarded $7,991.83 in additional FEMA funds to support their recovery.