Disasters can strike at any time, leaving communities vulnerable and without access to basic necessities. That's why SBP is dedicated to equipping homeowners with the knowledge and skills necessary to prepare for and recover from the unexpected. By providing a comprehensive collection of disaster preparedness and recovery resources, SBP empowers homeowners with the tools they need to make informed decisions, build resilience, and take action to position themselves, their families, and their homes for a speedy recovery. Our curriculum includes videos, e-learnings, written guides, and checklists, covering topics such as floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, wildfires, and freezing. Because disasters often impact the accessibility of wifi and cellular internet services, SBP created the Equip App to make these resources available offline.

But SBP’s educational offerings are not just limited to homeowners and renters. After more than 17 years of serving disaster-impacted communities all over America, our team has identified where the response and recovery system is fragmented, inefficient, and prone to failure. To address these issues, SBP offers disaster response, long-term recovery, and mitigation and resilience programs for elected officials, public administrators, emergency managers, response and recovery non-profit organizations, and county and city finance directors. These educational offerings ensure that disaster-impacted communities achieve prompt, efficient, and predictable recovery in the aftermath of federally declared disasters. SBP’s team also delivers valuable data from qualified researchers to help identify areas of greatest impact and social vulnerability. This information helps to inform recovery leaders on the essential next steps in recovery and pinpoint areas that need additional federal and or philanthropic support. From our Equip App for individuals to educating government leaders, SBP utilizes technology and data to make informed decisions and provide solutions for scaleable mitigation.

Notable Projects

Equip App

Enabling Households to Prepare Ahead of Disasters and Recover More Quickly

Extreme weather events are increasing across the globe, putting more and more homes and families at risk. Understanding your risk and protecting your home and finances is more important than ever before. SBP collaborated with AT&T to develop Equip, a preparedness and recovery mobile app designed to help users reduce risk and build resilience before disasters and avoid common recovery obstacles.

Disaster Preparedness and Recovery Resources

Empowering Households with Information Essential to Shrink the Time Between Disaster and Recovery

SBP provides free resources to help households make smart, informed decisions before and after a disaster in order to fortify them against the unnecessary suffering associated with a prolonged recovery. Whether understanding how to get the right insurance before a disaster strikes or how to avoid contractor fraud afterward, our programs and resources enable households to recover quickly and efficiently while minimizing as much stress and uncertainty as possible.

Regional Recovery Acceleration Week

Training Recovery Leaders in the Aftermath of Disasters

When disaster strikes, communities and their leaders are suddenly responsible for navigating the complex recovery process. In the early days following a disaster, critical information is not easily accessible, leaving local leaders without a complete understanding of the disaster’s impact on the community. Communities then lack adequate resources and a predictable path forward to fully recover. To solve this problem, SBP, a national disaster recovery nonprofit, offers disaster-impacted communities a weeklong event called “Regional Recovery Acceleration Week.”

Leader Practitioner Course

Delivering Expertise and Programmatic Direction to Disaster Recovery Leaders

Through the Leader Practitioner Course, SBP empowers CDBG-DR & MIT leaders to build predictable, highly effective long-term recovery programs for the communities they serve. Our team teaches the “business” of disaster recovery and the importance of making deliberative operational and financial decisions to arrive at efficient and effective outcomes.