Housing Affordability

At SBP, we recognize the critical importance of affordable housing in addressing poverty, income inequality, and racial disparities, as well as fostering stronger and more resilient communities. When individuals and families have access to affordable housing, they are less likely to spend large portions of their income on housing costs, enabling residents to save money for other basic needs such as food, transportation, healthcare, insurance, and emergencies. When disaster inevitably strikes, they are better equipped to recover quickly and efficiently. Without affordable housing, low-income individuals and families are often forced to reside in overcrowded and inadequate housing in areas with limited job opportunities, education, and resources. These conditions significantly affect an individual's health, well-being, and overall quality of life and can often mean the difference between disaster-impacted communities reaching their breaking points and recovering fully from a disaster. To address the need for affordable housing, SBP's Owner-Occupied Rebuild Program aims to keep disaster-impacted residents in the homes they already own while our Opportunity Housing Program builds affordable, energy-efficient, and resilient homes for sale or rent.

Homeowners like Mr. Rogers, who live with physical disabilities, often face the difficult choice of using their limited disability funds to pay for basic living necessities or much-needed home repairs. Learn more about how SBP’s Owner-Occupied Rebuild program helped restore the affordable housing that Mr. Rogers already owned, preventing Mr. Rogers from reaching his breaking point.

Notable Programs

The St. Peter Apartments

Energy-Efficient Affordable Rentals Properties for Veterans in Need

St. Peter Apartments is a 50-unit mixed-income and energy-efficient apartment community located near Lafitte Greenway and the VA Hospital in New Orleans' Mid City neighborhood. It is the first net-zero energy apartment building in Louisiana and offers one and two-bedroom units equipped with energy-efficient appliances such as refrigerators, ovens, and washers and dryers. The building is powered by more than 400 solar panels on the roof and a battery storage system in the parking lot, which allowed residents to remain with power during Hurricane Zeta's multi-day power outages in October 2020.

Opportunity Housing

Empowering Low and Moderate-Income Families with Affordable Housing

Through its Opportunity Housing Program, SBP makes the dream of homeownership for low and moderate-income families a reality. We build high-quality homes at an affordable price by pairing these homes with government-provided down payments and closing cost assistance. SBP homes are both energy efficient and storm-resilient, so families can build equity and save money on energy costs now while being better prepared to weather future disasters.