Upward Economic Mobility

SBP recognizes how an effective disaster recovery system is critical for ensuring long-term upward economic mobility. Upward economic mobility refers to the ability of individuals, families, and groups to improve their economic status, which has measurable benefits on physical and mental health, educational opportunities, and the ability to bounce back more quickly after a disaster. In the aftermath of a disaster, communities can experience significant economic disruptions, including job loss, destruction of infrastructure and businesses, and reductions in consumer spending for community establishments and services. These issues compound the reality that many low and middle-income households lack the funds necessary to rebuild their homes and lives. Without an efficient disaster recovery system, these economic losses can linger for years, hindering the ability of communities to rebuild, return home, and fully recover. By reducing community disaster risk, enhancing resilience, providing direct rebuilding support, advocating for and implementing improved disaster recovery policy, and making recovery resources and support more widely available, SBP supports disaster-impacted communities' long-term economic mobility by creating a foundation for sustainable and resilient economic development.

Storms don’t just impact homes. They impact businesses and livelihoods. Gabriela operated a childcare business from her home that she was forced to close due to substantial storm damage. Learn how SBP’s rebuilding support helped Gabriela and her family regain financial stability and inspired her to give back.

Notable Projects

Recovery Acceleration Fund

A Best-in-Class Public and Private Partnership with Financial and Social Incentives

SBP’s Recovery Acceleration Fund (RAF) is a social impact investment fund that provides microloans for post-disaster rebuilding to low-income, HUD-qualified families who are not eligible for SBA loans. The RAF acts as a bridge loan that allows low to moderate-income homeowners to make home repairs years faster than if they had to wait on traditional government programs (CDBG-DR). SBP will use the RAF to address the financial barriers confronting communities of color and other underserved communities by providing HUD-approved microloans. The RAF allows the most vulnerable survivors to return home sooner, ensures financial stability by safely and quickly returning families to (and restoring equity in) the homes they own, and reduces the stress and trauma associated with displacement after a disaster.

Opportunity Housing

Building Equity and Increasing Savings through Affordable Housing

Through its Opportunity Housing Program, SBP makes the dream of homeownership for low and moderate-income families a reality. We build high-quality homes at an affordable price by pairing these homes with government-provided down payments and closing cost assistance. SBP homes are both energy efficient and storm-resilient, so families can build equity and save money on energy costs now while being better prepared to weather future disasters.

FEMA Appeals Program

Restoring Equity by Maximizing Federal Recovery Payouts

In the face of increasingly frequent and intense extreme weather events, time and predictability matter. FEMA funding is a critical component of long-term recovery for impacted homeowners and renters; however, the process to apply for and appeal FEMA awards has become increasingly burdensome and complicated over the years. To solve for this, SBP's FEMA Appeals Program helps disaster survivors access more funding to support their immediate and long-term needs.